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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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driver was caught doing. >> all of a sudden you could hear just a loud woosh. storm. why the clean up could be a very long process. >> to ban or not to ban. the new twist in the debate over alcoholic energy drinks. aator. the coveted title he now owns. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> it was a woosh. came straight across. >> cars thrown together, as if they were toys. >> neighborhoods whipped up by wicked weather. >> tonight a look at he damage left behind. and the effort to clean it up. >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd..3 the storm hit a small section of baltimore city, and parkville. but left a huge mess. >> keith daniels live in
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northeast baltimore where a neighborhood is in pieces tonight. keith? >>well, the, jennifer, live at the dutch village apartments, on the plymouth roadside. we're standing right across from one of the hardest hit buildings here. take a look. storm winds, peel the roof off. causing siinificant damage. now, in total, nnarly 360 units of damage here. 16 buildings are condemned. including the one behind me. and each condemned building has about 54 units. now innall, nearly 250 rrsidents have been displaced, including one man that ttied to return to his apartment today, to salvage what he could. >> well, came back to see if i could get my car, i mean, i got medicines in my apartment. i am a heart patient. - cannot get it. red cross trying to help, you know. and i cannot get my car, or go into he apartment until tomorrow. >> now, we are back live. in the meantime, the clean up.
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all day and night. down trees have been removed from the streets. tonight the mayor has issued a local state of emergency to protect people and property affected by the storm. a curfew is now in effect until 7:00 toomrrow morning. which means no one but authorized personnel are allowed here. in the effected areas..3 and police are posted. >> we're live in nortteast@ baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition." >> thank you, keith. >> some f the baltimore county residents displaced after the morning storms are spending the night in a shelter in towson. >> parkville, has unsafe homes. @%gh winds snapping 100-year-old trees like twigs. in some cases they were landing on homes. construction crews tried to clean it up. >> all of sudden you could hear a loud woosh. >> ooly thing that bugs me issi cannot ggt out the car. >> that's all right. we are not going anywhere. >> i know it was a tornado.
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yeah, definitely a tornado.@ >> and check thii out. one man's security system caught a transforming exploding after a telephone pole fell on top of it. the noise was loud enough to get theehomeowner ouu of bed at night. >> damage is done. many wondering if it was a tornado. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with details on the latest in the investigation into that. >> well, it looks like national weather service has sent out the surveyors to look at the damage to determine if it was a tornado or straight line winns. yet to be determined. still looking at that information. by tomorrow, the latest information from them, out of sterling virginia has said that they will come with a determination by tomorrow. we will have a better gander of what it was officially. looking at the storm reports. wind damage. blue dot stretching from the carolinas to new york state. we saw the severe weather moving along a cold front through the region, up to parkville and@ parts of central baltimore city, dc. there was damage there as well. yet to be determined locally if
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thht was a tornado. what we are talking about straight line winds. you get updraft that goes into the thunderstorm. and then a down draft. and out of that down draft it could be strong sometimes. what is called a down burst. and you can get 80 miles per hour or plus winds out that ave storm. with that down burst. it could be creating what is called a traight line wind down burst.. you can get damage from that. what determines the difference. is damage is all in a row. straight line winds. around. the damage, it is a tornado. so they will look at all of the factors of that with surveyors and we will get the information from them tomorrow. to determine iffit was a official tornado, or straight line winds. more about the storm and what is up next in the forecast. >> new tonighh. school officials pass a landmark contract, that will change the way teachers are paid and evaluated. with student performance and professional development tied to
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very hefty pay hikes. this proposaa was rejectee last@ month, you may recall, and passed today by nearly a 2-1 margin. >> i think it is kind of a bill of goods sold to the public, like if we raise teacher salaries they will perform better. if they perform better stuuents perfoom better on tests. i don't believe in this. >> it is rewarding teachers for wanting to improve their practice. and to go out and find ways to get better. and for exceling in doing well. >> someeteachers now have the potential to make six figure salaries. >> five men are chargeddwith running a prostitution ring, and authorities say the suspects are illegal immigrants. alleged ring took place in annapolis in easton. suspects brought women from virginia and dc to perform sex for money at homes and apartment buildings being operated as brothels. >> find out ttere, it is something going on, like across
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the street. it is crazy. real craay. >> welll tte investigation stems from a 2008 homicide in annapolis. a woman ttat survived that shooting told police that she was a prostitute. and had numbers for pimps in a notebookk all but two of the suspects charged in the ring are now in custody. pleads not criminally responsible to killing his brother with an ax. mark colliis is held in a mmximum security lock up tonight. court records indicate he spent two years in a mental iistitution after he was charged with arson back in 2004. >> those drinks loaded with caffeine and alcohol, could soon be histooy. @%e fda has issued warning letters to four drink makers say the caffeine in alcohol is unsafe. state compttoller peter franchot urging lock core stores to stop >> wouldn't want to brrng it in here. with a college ddwn the street
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from us. st. john's. and eople come in and ask for it. looked like ttey were a younger crowd. and alsoopeople coming in that were underage trying to get the product out. >> four lokoosaid it will remove the caffeine. >> we asked should the fda ban @%coholic energy drinks. 12% say yes. 88% say no. liz wwote on faceeook. this drink seems like trouble. but martin wrotee3 two words. personal responsibility. >> a really bad day for one tv see. angry ffn of the show "dancing with the stars", caused a major %-66-year-old stephen cowanice. watched brystol palin's performance and so mad at the dancing he shot his tv. and then threatened to shoot his wife. police saved her. cowan is in custody and the tv is still dead. >> good day for dead rocker jim
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morrison, 41 man for the rock banned the dooos. outgoing fforida governor crrst wants to pardon him who wws connvcted of exposing himself at a 1969 miami concert. christ said prosecutors tried to make an example of the door's lead singer with no proof whatsoever. jim morrison said from his paris grave, don't you love chris madly? >> good day for actor ryan reynolds star of the green wanted. named sexiest man alive by people. reynolds was the second top pic3 by "people" magazine. bruce cunningham was the number one champions bruce, ever so humble turned it down however. %-meter shower headed this way. it will be visible in our area -n a few hours before dawn tomorrow. if skies are clear, you could see at least 20-meters an hour.
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>> online video site hulu launches a remium service. -ight dollars a month gets you access to older episodes of shows, from ox, abc and nbc. theyylaunched a versson of the site few months back and charged $10 a month. %-will get a credit ffr theyou difference in price. tte free versiin of the site which has less content, is stil@ available. >> and chevy's nnwwelectric car, -he vvlt is named motor trend magazine's car of the yeer. plug-in car can drive for 45 miles on battery power, and has an overall fuel economy of 72 miles per gallon. >> the head of the tsa grilled on capitol hill. -bout new airport screening procedures. what he said about the new pat doons, after he got one himself. >> and an irreeponsible bus@ driver caught on camera. why this guy really lacks common
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sense. >> a suspected arms deal ser
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>> new party leaders in the u.s. house offrepressntatives were chosen today. no ppoblems among the house g.o.p. members that voted in john boehner as new house no surprise there. eric canter will be the number two an. outgoing nancy pelosi stays on as her party leader. and steny hoyer is the new minority whip. >> director john pistol agrees %-invasive but said that the
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threats are rrel. he says new body scanners protect privacy, screeners are in a separate room, neeer seeing who they are scanning. >> the machines are specifically disabled, functions are disabled, in terms of any retention, storage, or ability to transmit the images. so the -- of coorss cell phones, camera anything like that are nootaalowed in the screening room. >> close to 400 scanners at airports nationwide w plans to have nearly 1000 ii place by the end of 2011. >> the relations between the u.s. and moscow are rowing tense. after the extradition of a suspected russian arms dealer to the u.s. peter dicey reports, state department is defending the tradition, and russia calls it illegal. >> dubbed the merchant of death. suspected russian arms dealer viccor boot arriving in new
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york, facing terrorism charges after extradited to the u.s. from thailand. a thai court ordered boot extradited to the u.s. for his allegee agreement to supply an arsenal of military grade representeddthe columbian terrorist group known as the fark. and two, were bentton killing americans. >> russia is accusing tte u.s. of strong arming the thai government intoohanding boot over to america. >> this whole story is ann3 example of an outrageous injustice. >> boot has been battling extraaition since the arrest in bbngkok two years ago. @%ring a sting operation with u.s. agents. >> many believe boot did not care who the weapons car killed. but he did care. based on reccrded conversations he said he preferred to murder americans. >> they claim he wassselling weapons since the 90s, spewing civil wars in south america,
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middle east and africa. >> it is another american mistake. again, it will complicate the relationship between russia and @%>> former national security advissr to president bush said successful rosecution of boot in the .s. could set a precedent for bringing other suspected international crime pens to trial. in new york, fox news. >> we have all had a bad hair die. common sense said it is really not your husband's fault. tell that to a couple n. linn massachusetts. the wife went after her husbbnd, %-according to the cops, because her her hhsband woold not help hee color her hair. couple has kissed and made up. and wife insists he cops have it all wrong.@ she said that she never would have asked her husband o do her hair. >> new jersey bus driver lacked driving seese. caught oo camera driving through
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jersey city, hailing the wheel and aaother clip, reclininn in his seat while driving. and one point, he has his feet proped up on the wheel. >> and, of couuse, marriages come and go, but divorce lasts forever. such is the motto of the new divorce section on the huffington post. famously divorced huffington has added the pro divorcc section3 with headlines like "divorce is good for the children." well, %-things divorceetion for all@ headed up by the famous writer, nora efron ddvorced three times. @% well it looks like we saw noisy conditions through the overnight into early morning hours this morning. but that stormy weather has pushed north. we saw unshine. aad just a bit of wind out there today. in fact,,downtown hd skycam shows relatively quiet evening. cleering skies. 46 degrees. wind is out of the west at seven. our humidity level is sitting at
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63%. temperatures nice through the afternoon.@ then the temperatures fall as the cold front pushed in from the west. we will continue to see the cooler temperatures moving in from the northwest. wrapping around the back edge of the area of low pressure that tracked through tte other day, giving us the severe storms and also that rain. anywhere from about a 10th of an inch to quarter of an inch over some spots and as much as a half inch depends on where you were. 36 degrees. looking at 42 up in hagerstown. then baltimore 50. and then 48 in salisbury. @%th that air coming in from the west. we will continue the westerly ffow. still breezy out there. but not windy so much. earlier we saw wind gusts 25 to 35 mmles per hour at times. as we conninue to see the storm wrap the winds aaound it. now the temperatures are cooler continue to see the cool air wrap in bbhind an area of loo pressure. that low pressure is bringing
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canadian air in behind itt ahead f it is more marine layer warm air. put it in play. countee-clockwwse spin of the area of low pressure over maine and also vvrmont, new hampshire. still showers associated with t but as the cooler air wraps in from canada over the region. breezy conditions. but we see clearing out heee. and our temperatures will be noticeably cooler tonight into tomorrow. @%ance of clouds gathering for today. sun and clouds. but no rain to talk about. for the most part it looks like a chance for a few spotty showers norrh. but as you can see, clear out for friday. to saturday. relatively decent day. and weekend looks quiett tonight looking at 44. clear skies. winds out of the west at 9 o 10 miles per hour. looking at tomorrow. 57 degrees. sunshine. fee cloudssgather in the afternoon. and with a westerly wind right around five to 10. it looks like the five-day forecast. shows more sunshine. as e get into friday. saturday, sunday temperatures up to 55. and monday, still holding on tt sunshine. but you notice thee60s are
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back in play and back above normal starting off early next week. >> the ravens are heavy favorites overrthe panthers thhs sunday. but they were also heavy favorites against the bills as
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>> if you look at the ravens' schedule things look tt be set up pretty well. lost to the falcons a week aao @%morrow. aad 10 days to prepareefor one of the worst teams in the nfl. carolina panthers. but that could be misleading. about a month ago, buffalo bills came into baltimore winless and heading nowhere fast and wouud up giving the ravens all they couldable before going down to defeat. despite being nine-point favoriies, job one for the@ ravens is not to let thht happen again. >> i think it is important to try to gee off to a uick start. stay at it.ou. bottom lineeis we want to put points on the board and no matttr when we do. good thing. buttyou always want to get off to a quick start. get the confidence going early. >> and already bleak forecast. got even more so for the panthers today. theyyplacc williams on injured
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reserve. ending his season. %-williams rushed for 2600 yards and 25 touchdowns in two years will be replaced by goodson that toped 100-yard mark against the bucs last sunday.@ >> after 2-10 a year ago,3 terrapins were a afterrhought heading into the ssason in acc circles. but that's not the case any moree terps stand 7-3 and coach free john is a strong candidate for arc coach of the year honors. and he and the boys have a big one saturday. florida state. tied with the seminoles and nnc state. for the first place. >> the frig said his men aae fully aware of what is at stake. >> we have had a good week of practice. another one today. our kids are excited.@ our fans are excited. hopefully they will be here. it is what we work for a long time here. to have big games in november.
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>> it is time again for our high -chool game of the week contest. you can vote for the game you would like to see highlights of by going to and clicking on high school game of the week. maybe you will see your sshool this friday night. here is this week's slate of games for friday november 19. regional finals in the football @%ayoffs. broadneek vs arundel in football. franklin vs. north harford in football. wilde lake vs. river hilllin @%otball. city college vs. eastern tech in football. we will announce the winner on thursday night. >> you will see those highlights with kristen berset, on friday. >> well, the winds calm down throuuh the overnight. we will see sunshine in play for
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fooecast. tomorrow, decent day. winds die down. 57 for the high. sun and clouds. more sunshine on friday. and saturday. temperatures in the lower to mid upper 50s. leading into the weekend. dry weekend. so decent out there. with temperatures in the mid 50s. see 60s monday and tuesday. almost 70 on tuesday. so seeing above normal temperatures. and then a cold front tuesday and wednesday,,giving us a chance for showers. next chance for rrin. back to you. >> you can personalize your own forecast like vytas reidddoes.
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i-radar at use the interactive tools to track stooms down to your neighborhood. go to and like vytas reid does. >> that will do it for the "late edition." thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tune in tomorrow morning starting at 5 a.m. for news. have great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab.
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